Donors & Sales


At times a business can be so busy with the day to day duties that stewardship can be overlooked. Let us help you with stewardship assistant in these areas. We can develop strategic and operational objectives to ensure work is completed efficiently. Let us help you capture detail for the store team, manage execution, track progress, and measure results regularly using standard metrics including but not limited to; Sales Volume, Average Dollar Sale, Average Unit Sale, Traffic Counts and Conversion Rates. We can help write training manuals for training and developing skills of all employees and volunteers to ensure that all fully understand standards, organizational goals and direction. Assist with donor stewardship and sales stewardship to help ensure you are maximizing potential.


The ability to focus for lengthy periods is necessary when entering data. When dealing with sensitive or private information such as medical, financial, or military records discretion becomes very relevant. Logging data into a spreadsheet or special software is a repetitive, but important task. Attention to detail and the ability to type fairly quickly while retaining accuracy is very important. These tasks are often referred to as mindless tasks and employees talents are better used elsewhere. If you hire a virtual data entry assistant, you will be giving your team more time to work on the items they were hired for originally. Confidentiality is a high priority.

Your VIRTUAL DATA ENTRY ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Adding or Updating Medical Records * Entering Information on New Sales Leads * Logging Billing Information for Customers * Creating New User Profiles * Researching Possible Database Systems * Converting System * Combine Databases * Manage Donor Databases * Set-up Inventory Databases * Set-up Efficient Systems * Clean Databases

Delegate some of these duties and have more time to sale products, improve relationships with donors, and save money.


Who has enough hours in a day to conduct all the research, blogs, surveys, audience target, and scheduling? Delegate these tasks to ensure you are getting everything accomplished.

Your VIRTUAL MAIL MERGE ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Provide content and we can post on multiple platforms * Research potential target audiences * Create and manage surveys

Get help staying on top of all your marketing demands.


Mail merge is a software operation describing the production of multiple documents from a single template form and a structured data source. The letter may be sent out to many recipients with small changes, such as a change of address or a change in the greeting line. These can be tricky and time consuming to create and edit.

Your VIRTUAL MAIL MERGE ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Creating a main document or letter * Creating a data source * Editing a data source * Merging a data source * Create complicated if then else merge fields based on specific criteria

Send us your files and we send them back in the required format.


Do you work in a profession that requires numerous ads to be posted online? This can consume many hours with editing and uploading photos, editing text, updating, responding to potential questions. Delegate these tasks so you are free to deal with face-to-face customers.

Your ON-LINE POSTING ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Upload pictures * Write or edit content for ad * Reapprove ads * Delete sold ads * Respond to questions * Inform you of sales

Let us help you keep up with online postings!


Turn your long leads into potential sales. Does your team write down information about customers on notebooks that never get remembered or entered into a database system? Do those leads grow cold from lack of interest? Let us help! We can organize your notes on leads to help your team keep track of customer needs and interests.

Your VIRTUAL SALES ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Enter and update notes * Ensure follow-ups are happening * Assist with sales reports * Create sales presentations * Research prospective leads and customers * Record calls and transcribe for your sales team

Keeping track of all possible avenues for sales can be difficult. Let us help!


Do you know how important social media is to this generation? According to Nielsen research, 68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews. In addition, 59% of consumers say user-generated product reviews have a significant impact on their buying behavior (Monetate).This tells you how important social media is to the future of your business. Staying relevant with social media should be a priority for your company.

Your SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Create/update/edit Facebook posts * Create calendars for review * Create surveys * Upload images * Create eNewsletter * Create digital invitations * Create events in Facebook * Manage Constant Contact * Manage Facebook * Manage Twitter * Manage Instagram * Manage Pinterest * Manage Mail Chimp * Promote pages * Create/update your website

Stay relevant!