Jennifer Lee

Over the years, I have worked for various non-profits and own a welding business with my husband. I enjoyed working for a Museum for a number of years. While working there I held a variety of positions. I started out as a receptionist answering the phones. Then I moved on to being the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager. In these two areas I gained the education and experience involved with general administrative tasks. My next move was to become the Membership Manager. I maintained the donor base and communications with all members of the Museum. I then become the Accounting Officer and took on all aspects of human resources, payroll, accounts payable & receivable. After doing that for several years, I took on programs and exhibits for the Museum. Throughout my tenure at the Museum, there was always a constant; I directed their largest fundraiser. It was a series of various events that culminated in an art sale. I had to manage all of the various events, website, social media, marketing, volunteers, artists, artwork, and a catalog yearly.

When thinking back on my time at the Museum, I came to realize that many artists and small businesses need administrative and business help. I feel I can provide these things in forms of training, setting up systems, or specific project based tasks. There are numerous small businesses out there that need help with day to day operations. But they only need something part time and don’t have the space for another office.

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