Clerical & Research


3Clerical workers perform a variety of duties that can change throughout the day. Typical duties of a clerical worker can include filing records, sending and receiving faxes, answering telephone calls, and relaying messages. For example, clerks employed in a manufacturing company might assist in filling work orders or stamping envelopes for mass mailings.


Have you ever went online looking for the benchmark sales for a product, your target market audience, or the top art shows that should displaying your work? Then hours later you realize you are now reading about recent news events and have forgotten what you were originally researching. It is very easy to get off track when you are on the internet and have many wasted hours.  Internet research can take precious time of key employees while they scour the thousands of sites available on the internet. We can help by providing internet research and freeing up your employees to continue to perform their regular tasks.

Your INTERNET RESEARCH ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Bench Mark Standards * Compile Relevant Research * Organize the Data * Find Statistical Information * Conduct Marketplace Analysis * Collect Survey Data Pertinent to your Company

The options are limitless! Let us help you get an upper hand on your competitor.


Is your to do list so long it is overwhelming? Have you even stopped looking at it and cannot bring yourself to start working on the list.  We can help you get this list under control.

Your VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Manage your Calendar * Respond to your Inbox * Make Phone Calls * Order Office Supplies * Conduct Online Shopping * Dictation * Fax Documents * Provide Customer Service Tasks * Book Reservations

Providing you with support so you have time for more important tasks is our objective.


Do you need help with general office support? A virtual receptionist can provide this support. Your incoming calls can be forwarded to a person rather than an automated answering system. The calls can then be directed to appropriate associates. Do you have a general email account? The receptionist can log in to the account and answer or forward the messages.

Your VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Answer Incoming Calls * Provide Help Desk Support * Route Calls and Emails * Order Office Supplies * Dictation * Fax Documents * Provide Customer Service Tasks * Prepare Mail Merge Documents * Create Presentations

What are you waiting for? Delegate these tasks and continue working on the big picture items for your company.


Do you have multiple audio files and need to have them transcribed to written format? Let us help! Instead of taking the time to type a letter, simply record it and let us do the typing. Do you have recordings of presentations or speeches that you want to transcribe for your audience handouts. Send us your files and we will return them in written form.

Your VIRTUAL TRANSCRIPTION ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Transcribe Audio and Visual recordings * Provide Accurate Work * Create Manuals of your Material * Create Presentations of your Material * Fix Computer Generated Transcriptions

Send us your files and we will return them in written form.