Administrative tasks go hand in hand with running a successful business. Some of these tasks can absorb a great deal of time and resources from a business. Why not save your companies biggest asset, the employees, from this time of busy work? Free up your employees to provide exceptional customer service, strategic planning, and big picture future movements for the company.


Altogether, administrative tasks add up to be very time consuming. In addition, perhaps your company only needs 20 hours a month for these tasks and hiring even a part time person can be expensive. Outsource these tasks to help your staff not feel so overwhelmed.  Let us be your virtual administrative assistant.

Your VIRTUAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Customer Support * Business/software License Renewal * Basic Human Resource Duties * Email Management/Response/Forward * Manage Calendar * Virtual Project Manager * Set-up Meetings and Reminders * Travel/Reservation Arrangements * On-line Shopping * Create Presentations

What are you waiting for? Hire your virtual administrative assistant today and start delegating your tasks!


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Database management is very important to a company. Ensuring the data is correct and up to date can be time consuming. Understanding what type of database a company should purchase can be overwhelming. We are here to help!


Researching Appropriate Database Options * Setting-up your Database * Adding, Editing, and Removing Data * Merging Excel Data * Training for Various Software Systems

Let us help you be more effective and efficient!


Customer support is essential in retaining and increasing your bottom line. After you have worked so hard to get customers you do not want to lose them because you did not have enough time to devote to their questions.

Your VIRTUAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT is capable of helping with:

Manage Email Inbox * Provide Support for Customer Questions * Write Technical Training Documents * Transcribe Documents * Manage Customer Suggestions *
Assign Customer Help Tickets and Pass them along to the Appropriate Staff

Do not pay for work you are not receiving. You will only have to pay our team for actual work hours.


Clerical tasks, like accepting and making phone calls, setting business meeting agendas, sending memos, accepting visitors, reviewing incoming reports, and setting the executive’s daily schedule are important tasks for any executive. Managing these tasks can take an executive away from the main job of directing a company.

Executive assistants are sometimes asked to conduct market research and prepare statistical reports that are used by executives to make business decisions. Since the reports can potentially impact the direction of a company, executive assistants must have a keen understanding of business concepts.

Your VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT is capable of helping with:

Book Business (and personal) Travel Arrangements * Schedule Meetings * Prepare your Daily Schedule * Answer Basic Emails * Act as your Receptionist * Take Meeting Notes by Calling * Transcribe your Recorded Notes * Put together Power Point Presentations * Draft Letters and Other Important Written Documents * Help with Accounting /Billing Tasks * Act as a Virtual Project Manager * Make your Reservations * Conduct On-line Shopping

The list of tasks a virtual executive assistant can help you with is limitless!


Have you hit your limit and know that you need to get the paper clutter at your company or house under control? Are your filing cabinets so full you need to get another one? Do you have so many file cabinets they take up an entire room or more… Are your papers so crammed into folders that you cannot put one more thing in them? Do you have cut out recipes and store them in overflowing boxes? We can help!


Organize filing systems * Scanning documents * Organizing digital folders * Shredding unnecessary hard copies * Reduce your paper nightmare

We can help with hard copy organization and digital organization!


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